Your Ecosystem: Physical, Emotional, Energetic, and Beyond

Ecosystem: a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment.


When I refer to ecosystem I am not talking about saving the whales, I am talking about saving the YOU!

How Do You Relate To Your Surroundings?
I begin by analyzing and collecting information about your personal ecosystem. Your relations with your environment are key to your health. The way you relate to yourself, family, friends, strangers, bears, butterflies and trees speaks volumes about your internal state of affairs.

I also look at how your energy is distributed through your personal ecosystem. What do you put your energy into? How much goes to love, to work, to family, to thinking too much, to addictions, to fear, to sadness, to anger, to anxiety?

I Help Analyze Your System And All Of The Interactions That Take Place
What is the quality of your relationships with your spouse, friends, self, and others? Do these relations suck or create energy? What emotion dominates you life? What do you believe about yourself, your abilities, your potential? I seek to understand the nature of the transactions that take place between you, the family, the job, the community, the world, etc. These are very important transactions and interrelations. They can make us or break us. Our happiness depends on how well we function in our system.


Are You In Balance?

Who Has The Power?

We look at the imbalances in your ecosystem and the areas that are balanced as well. It is much like looking at a house in winter with a heat sensor to see where the energy is leaking out and what areas need efficient action. Just like the house we give our power away when we could be preserving it. Effiency helps us feel better. Sometimes that means doing something POSITIVE, and other times it means STOPPING NEGATIVE BEHAVOIRS. We have that power.


Your Body Is Its Own Ecosystem
I also am concerned with your internal ecosystem. What do you put in your body? What comes out? Mind states create physical states, which create thoughts and feelings, which lead back to more of the same. Your mind is a neighborhood of chemicals that interrelate with your external world. What has our visual diet been? What have we seen and experienced in this life that has influenced our choices, self-talk, and self-beliefs? Our sensory diet, and our beliefs about it, often leads us to the source of our problems. What we have witnessed can also be what allows us to be high functioning human beings but it depends on how we interpret what comes in.  

In other words, our community of thoughts interact with our community of feelings and actions, and this stuff has tremendous impact on our surrounding ecosystem whether it be work, family, love life, or neighborhood.




Each Level Must Be Integrated
By putting ourselves in perspective to the larger world we find meaning in our actions and life. The thought and feeling level become integrated with the family level, then the friend level, then the work level, and so on.
The Universe is a multi-level ecosystem: from your brain chemistry to the galaxy

Action Is Taken to Correct Negative Interactions
Taking back your power is the main goal. With a little objectivity you will see clearly the problematic thought patterns, relationships, activities, work, or feelings. It is then liberating to take back the power of choice as to what you want to include in you sphere of being.


© Copywright 2007: Adam von Passow, MSW, CHT;; All Rights Reserved.