Performing At Your Best; For Athletes, Actors, And Professionals
Whatever You Do I Can Help You Do It Better
Aside from resolving past issues, I bring the study of Peak Performance, Flow, The Relaxation Response, Sports Psychology and the personalized cds into my practice. I work with actors, Olympic athletes, business professionals, and Pro athletes to enhance positive mind states. Imagine your confidence as a blue sphere around you, imagine winning the perfect race, imagine experiencing the ideal Flow during a performance, acting, a game, at work, or in a relationship. With the cds you can tap into your underlying potential and bring out the extra 10% needed for peak performance.

Creative Liberation

In addition to removing the “bad” stuff Hypnotherapy is very good at enhancing the positive qualities that create top-level performance. Your confidence might be shaky, so we work with your most confident moment and that feeling grows until it spills over into all aspects in your life. That’s what I call creating Resources. It can be a person, a moment, or a color that allows you to recognize your true power. Then we link a trigger to it so that it can be easily accessed when needed. So we might clear some bad stuff, memories, etc and create some new stuff like resources and positive mind states and this gives an extra 5% needed to perform at your best.

Hypnotherapy And Guided Visualization
Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to work through the past, which sets more present day energy free for top level performers. It is also excellent at producing and developing mind states that are conducive to any kind of performance need. Some need to clear the past in order to be at their top energy level, others just have to cultivate present and future mind states that are in line with their goals. Everyone is different is this regard. The key is working together to develop a program that works and allows you to feel and perform at your best.  The sky is the limit with hypnotherapy.

Separating You From The Bunch
Often in athletics and other top performance roles the difference between you and the other person is psychological. This is because everyone is operating at their highest level. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be very effective at removing psychological barriers to performance whether the block is from a traumatic accident or an unproductive argument with a coach. I have found that even processing a childhood events results in freed up energy that allows for higher-level performances.


Personalized Audio Programs To Break Through
Then comes the personalized hypnotic cd which brings the other extra 5% needed to break through personal performance goals. The cd continues to enhance session work and focuses on seeing/visualizing what ever is desired. Research has demonstrated that visualizing motor movements in our minds actually enhances performance because our mind does not distinguish between imagining making a 3-point shot and actually making a 3-point shot. Our mind sends the same chemical messages during both activities. So when you get into the real performance your muscle-brain connections are already strong, creating a natural flow. The more you rehearse mentally the better the result. The cd that I create for you allows this guided rehearsal daily. We construct the cd together mainly from your input. So whether it’s greater confidence in a work staff meeting or running the 500m sprint at the Olympics, daily rehearsal in a relaxed state is key. 




Knowing Your Temple

To be at our best we must feed the mind, body and soul. The right food, right thoughts, and right action, all lead to develoment of a powerful balanced self. This is why I include the entire self and the entire personal ecosystem.
Integrating all aspects of the self to achieve a higher goal

The Relaxation Response
Hypnotherapy and the Personalized GV cds both induce the relaxation response. Research has shown the relaxation response to be vital to creating insight, peak performance, and mental and spiritual growth. First we struggle intensely, we train, then we let go and put the problem out of our mind, then we sleep, we relax. Next thing you know insight arrives. Some researchers have argued that this is the exact process for peak performance and growth in general. Struggle, Let Go, Relax, Do Some Repetitive Activity To Clear The Mind, Then Wait For the Insight. Both of the modes I use are conducive to this model of insight and growth. I tap into the best aspects of music, meditation, visualization, relaxation, and hypnotherapy to create an integrative powerful approach. 

You can order a personalized audio program over the phone. Just call so we can discuss the issue for 1-2 hours and then I create the CD and mail it to your home. It usually takes me about 1 week to deliver this tool of personal transformation to you.

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