Getting Through Phobias, Fears, And Anxiety
Phobias Are Often The Easy Ones
Phobias can be cured in a matter of minutes with hypnotherapy techniques. These techniques are designed to restructure our mind and body response to environmental stimuli. This can be done over the phone or in person. It really does not matter what the fear is as long as it is attached to a specific memory, event, or thing that represents your phobia.


Anxiety Can Be Overcome
Anxiety effects many people lives everyday. It is often begins slowly and builds to the point where one thinks they are going crazy, or worse, going to die. I help people identify the source of their anxiety, even when they do not know consciously what it is.

Hypnotherapy Guide Us Calmly
Hypnotherapy helps us relax and get into a nice comfortable state. In this state we can get out of ourselves and observe first hand how UNscary our fears and anxieties can be. When we practice going through our fears in a completely relaxed and safe state we can overcome and move through them.

Personalized Audio Programs for Relaxation
The best way to avoid anxiety is to completely relax. I create cds for individuals who have many different sources of anxiety. After listening the subconsciou mind gets the message that its ok to go through that previously fearful event and be utterly and completely, blissfully relaxed. Your mind is a powerful tool that I can teach you how to use. The cds unlock your barriers to living a stress free, peaceful life.


Have You Done All You Can
You have probably done a lot of things to alleviate your fears, anxieties, and stress but for some reason it is still there. That is why I am here. I help people who are stuck. We all get stuck but we need people with special skills to get us unstuck. This is what I do every day with love and gratitude.

Helping People Transform Their Lives
All present emotions and experiences have their roots in the some other previous experience. Our “self” or Ego is a bundle of experiences packaged and remembered in our own unique way. We all create filters to reality. Some are helpful, so we do not get confused, but others are harmful because they prevent us from seeing the truth about our experience. These filters effect and shape our thoughts, feelings, body sense, neuro-chemistry, choices, and our environment. I help people reshape their environment, thoughts, feelings, mind and body. Most people change shape during a session without even being touched. Its just releasing!



Knowing Your Temple
Once you realize that you can alter your mind/body response and get unstuck, the sky is limit. I serve as a guide. The tools I use promote self-awareness and allow images and memories to be reprocessed and thus transformed. You are not a prisoner of your mind. I can guide you out of the maze to freedom but then you have to take over.
I work with people everyday who rediscover themselves and their power

Nothing Ever Stays The Same
Everything is always evolving and transforming. Being stuck is not natural and its not even possible. Change is always right around the corner. I have studied the people that explored the art of promoting change. There have been many insights passed along. I am ready to pass them on to you so remember, where their is a will there is way.


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