Integrative Personal and Professional Development and Guided Integration

Hello and welcome to my website.
My name is Adam von Passow and I help people. I have been guiding people towards better lives since 1996.

Along the way I have collected many tools to help people transform their lives. Helping people change is not very easy but great helpers have forged a path that I honor by learning and applying their best methods. I also improve upon what I have learned through my personal experience.

My goal is to help people see the truth…the truth about themselves, their environment, their choices, their power, their innate ability to evolve, and their power to create their own solutions.

We humans can become stuck for a variety of reasons.

Sadness brews, self-esteem collapses, we experience a rainbow of events and emotions. I teach people how to become deeply aware of their rhythms, tendencies, blind spots, automatic thinking, and recurring feelings.

All present emotions and experiences have their roots in the some other previous experience. Our “self” or Ego is a bundle of experiences packaged and remembered in our own unique way.

We all create filters to reality.
Some are helpful, so we do not get confused, but others are harmful because they prevent us from seeing the truth about our experience. These filters effect and shape our thoughts, feelings, body sense, neuro-chemistry, choices, and our environment.



As a result, to be at peace we must know ourselves, filters and all, and come to accept that what we think, feel, and experience is not always what it seems. You are not just a victim of the past; you are a brilliant fountain of light that is capable of incredible things. In this present moment you can chose to take ACTION toward newness, toward discipline, toward happiness.

I help people accomplish goals completely unique to their situation.

I do this by first thoroughly assessing all of the psycho-social and bio-physical aspects of the individual. I also assess any developmental or spiritual problems that may be important.

After naming the problem we also name the solutions. Then I teach you the tools to get there. The aim is to revitalize the mind, body, and spirit so that you can think, feel, and experience life in new and better ways. I treat the entire person not just problems.

My strength rests in my ability to get to the root of the problem.

We live in a culture where treating the symptoms has become the norm. With thoughtfulness, practice and self -discipline we can discover the cause of our suffering. When we do this our energy, love, and our true self is set free.

Are you ready for this journey?

Peace and Gratitude,


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