Hypnotherapy: Working Directly with the Unconscious Mind
Forget all the misconceptions
Forget all the movie stuff and the mass media tales of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a lot like daydreaming. You are totally in control, aware and remember everything. Hypnosis has been used therapeutically for about 100 years. It makes use of the alpha brainwave frequency which we all get into while daydreaming or just before we fall asleep. Hypnosis helps achieve this state purposefully so that we can direct our attention to specific beneficial goals that we desire. The techniques that I use are very effective at getting to the root of physical, biological, emotional, and spiritual problems

Multiple Uses and Applications
There are many issues that hypnosis is useful for. These include quitting smoking, weight issues, self-esteem, self image, overcoming fears and phobias, improving memory, improving athletic skills-the areas of benefit are limitless. Medical issues such as pain, disease, high blood pressure, and stress can also be addressed with hypnosis. Hypnosis is also good for the problems that you really can’t figure out or don’t seem to have a source. This is because hypnosis can access your subconscious mind to get the answers to which your conscious mind may be unaware.

Emotions Guide Us
Emotions are strong and they can lead us to the source of our problems. With Hypnotherapy we use the emotion or problem as a doorway to the past. We find the source and do whatever needs to be done in order to be free and powerful again.

Getting Yourself Out Of The Way
Aside from the intake interview and identifying the problem, the real core of hypnosis is simply accessing a totally relaxed state in which visualization and imagination can become active. The reason it works so well is because you are so relaxed that your conscious mind can get out of the way and your unconscious mind can be accessed and its power tapped. So, as a guide through this process, I work with you to develop the suggestions and language of change, which then gets massaged into the unconscious. This ultimately changes how we feel and experience the world and our relationships.


Higher Level Perspective
Usually people can reach their goals in six sessions. During those sessions we might work on:

  • The underlying issues (look into the past for understanding)
  • Changing the habit/pattern (stop smoking or negative self comments)
  • Higher level perspectives and wisdom-experience of the “higher self” 
  • Gaining personal mastery (attaining peak mind/body/spirit potential)


The Techniques Are Many
There are many techniques used in hypnosis and which one is used mostly depends on your needs. You can do interesting work with you inner child, higher self, and inner family. You can go into your past and recover lost power and heal hurts and pains from family issues. You can work to understand you dreams or work on creating a more productive future.



Knowing Relaxation
Stress causes a lot of biological, emotional, and physical problems. Relieving stress and developing ways of reducing it are vital to health. Hypnosis is excellent at producing very relaxed mind body states. Relaxed mind states are very important because they allow the subconscious mind to recall the past and resolve related issues in the present.

Everyone can benefit form relaxed mind/body states but with hypnotherapy we are actively using our time and intention to cultivate a better life.


Hypnosis Guides you to the source

Personal and Professional Mastery
Hypnosis is great for performers of any type, whether athletic, dance or acting. This is so because hypnosis helps remove performance blocks (underlying issues) and helps create optimal mind states for high quality experience (personal mastery). I teach you how to create and access your desired mind/body states.


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