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  Hospice Care

Hospice is a form of care that one can use when they have 6 months of less to live according to their doctor. One does not have to be imminently dying to recieve hospice services. In fact, people live quite awhile sometimes when they begin hospice service. Typically, the further from treatment one gets the better they physically feel, then hospice comes to your home, skilled nursing, or retirement home to assist with comfort care or palliateive care.

Choosing hospice is a big step and you should discuss it with your doctor, social worker, friends and family. There are alot of misconceptions about hospice and I hope you read the above ebook for further information.

Hospice consists of a team: Doctor, Nurse, Home Health Aide, Chaplain, and Social Worker. The team approach covers the whole person and their family. Support is availiable 24/7 in case of unexpected symptoms.   



Grief Counseling



Grief Counseling is availiable but remember grief is a process that unfolds just like any other natural process. It is intense even before the loss and continues months and years after. Normally it lessens with time as we make a place in our heart and mind, or even spirit, for the loved one we have lost.






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