Energetic Solutions: You Are An Energy Field
You Are Particles and Light

The word energy comes from the Greek word for “Divine Action” or the “potential for causing changes”.

qi, chi, ch'i, ki


the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health.

 From: http://www.wordreference.com/definition/chi.htm

How Bright Are You?
Sometimes we suffer biological, physical, and emotional problems in life because our energy is not in balance. By “our energy” I mean the fountain of light that you are. You are bigger than your skin. Your energy field is quite large and visible with certain photographic techniques and your own eyes, but that is beside the point. You are nothing but energy, vibrating electrons, protons, quarks, bosons, or whatever other new wave/particle the physicists discover today. Remember, you are at least 4 feet thick. Your personal energy field is bigger than your body.

How Clogged Is Your Flow
I work with people to sense and identify, thus cure energetic problems in their life. Addiction, eating habits, consumption, relationships, work, play, love, sex, all of these things effect the flow of the energy that is you.

Identifying and learning about your energetic relationship with others and the world is vital to living a happy life. By looking at our behavior and relations through this lens we can gain tremendous insight into our problems and fears in this life.

Reiki: I Am Your Channel
Reiki is the art of channeling universal energy (chi, prana, life-force). I am a Reiki Master and I have spent years mastering this art. This is one of the tools I teach and use to help guide people toward happiness.  I act as a catalyst to increase or decrease the flow of energy into or out of your energy field or body. By bringing energy to certain areas in the body you can become aware of personal issues that are stuck in that spot. You may become aware of specific thougths or feelings associated with that blocked place.

Releasing The Energy Drains
Hypnotherapy also helps identify energetic problems and thus helps eliminate the source. We do this by resolving the underlying cause so that we can then redirect that lost energy into something more constructive (like love, happiness or work).

You Know When You Are In  Or Out Balance
There is no doubt in my mind that energetic imbalances can lead to physical, mental, emotional, or biological imbalances. I also know that you can sense when you are in balance and when you are not. I teach you how to channel and focus your intention and energy in ways that are useful to you. Exercises like yoga, self-hypnosis, and meditation are designed to balance our multi-layered energy system.


Knowing Your Temple
This work is not for everyone due to varying levels of self-awareness and belief structures. Nevertheless it is a powerful and worthy activity to take notice of how you spread your energy around your personal ecosystem. Who sucks it out of you and who fills you up? Who adds to you and who takes away?
Happiness is an energy state you can cultivate

Every Thought and Feeling Creates An Energy Field
When you think about someone you love notice how your personal energy changes. When you think about someone you hate notice how your energy changes. Pictures in our minds evoke these emotional responses and this effects or body. Learning to manage thoughts and feelings is a key to higher level functioning. Happiness in an Energy state.


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