A Getting Through Despair
Detailed Psychosocial Assessment
In order to move through a prolonged period of sadness you must address your thoughts, behaviors, relationships, energy, biology, and spirit. I address the entire picture and assist people with understanding thought and behavior patterns. These patterns also lead to energetic deficiencies and neurobiological deficiencies. Hypnotherapy allows you to create a fundamental shift in your approach to your life, work, and relationships. This process effects how your biology responds to the world.

I Help You Regain Control, Balance
Sometimes our experiences create patterns that challenge us and make us feel like we are not in control of our feelings. Our thoughts, feelings, and behavior then point us toward a downward spiral in which we get caught. The truth is we can control our feelings but we have to recognize and begin to use that power.

Tools Of Transformation
I teach my clients meditations, breathing techniques and other exercises to create shifts in thinking, and feeling. Breaking the sad cycle of --THOUGHT--FEELING--ACTION (or NON-ACTION) -- is important. First we feel sad then we think terrible thoughts, then we act on them, or we get paralyzed. I help you reverse this process and create to links into positive mind states.

Sadness is a Mind/Body State
To get out of this mind body state we must resolve our barriers to happiness and breakdown the physiological connections with the depressed mind state. We must also forge new neural connections that feed our mind and body. I teach you the skills that allow this transformation.

Are You Stuck In A Feeling State?
We get stuck in feeling states but most do not realize there is a way out. We learn how to respond to the world in better ways through identifying old patterns. I use specific techniques that target past events, memories, and feeling states. Once the associated state is found we rework your perception until you see the truth clearly. When this occurs your physiology changes, your neurobiology changes, and your thought patterns change.

Start Living In the Present
The sources and causes of depression are numerous and everyone has unique barriers to happiness. The good news is that we all have the solutions and the power within ourselves to heal, and create new responses to our present life.  I help people process the past so they can live in the present.

Sadness and despair should not be ignored. It is there because something is wrong in our life. It is a call to action. The more we ignore it the worse it gets.The more we approach it, the better we feel.


Knowing Your Temple

Nutrition, physical activity, meditation, monitoring ones thoughts and feelings, and hypnotherapy are all important to move through depression and realize the fundamental truths about yourself. The truth is that you are a powerful being who is capable of taking back their energy and soul. You have felt this feeling before. I know you have because we all do.

Despair is our greatest teacher, It is a call to action

Reprogram Your Computer
Your brain is a computer that has a set program. I help you delete or reinterpret the old information that has been feeding depressed mind/body states. You must be ready to let go of the old states of being and be open to becoming more evolved. This takes work and discipline.


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