What Are My Clients Saying?
Office Manager Working On Weight...
"Using the cd (Personalized Hypnotic cd) has helped me tremendously.  I first started using it in the morning before I go to work, but then I added it to my mp3 player for my evening walks.  From the get go I noticed that my demeanor subtlety changed and my outlook on exercise became something I look forward to versus another chore I had on my list." 

A Marriage And Family Therapist...
"Adam is caring, intuitive and his gentleness allows space for growth"

A Nurse With A Phobia
"My first experience with Adam was dealing with my fear of heights.  I had developed this phobia while hiking in The Grand Canyon a few years ago and it was interfering with my love of hiking.  I wanted to climb Half Dome in Yosemite and the trail up can be very steep.  I was concerned that I wouldn't even be able to make it to the base of Half Dome."

"Adam regressed me (on the phone while sitting in my car) to my initial experience in the Grand Canyon and we "erased and replaced" the bad memory with a good one (I don’t know the proper name for the procedure).  We did this the day before the hike and it totally worked. The entire session was about 45 minutes and I felt more relaxed and at ease as soon as we finished the conversation.  The next day, I hiked the trail with speed and ease, and without any fear of heights at all.  It was my first experience with any kind of hypnotherapy and I was amazed at how effective it was."

An Artist And Mother After One Reiki Session...

"It was very safe and calming and I felt that anything I said or did would be ok.  I really trusted him. The whole experience was incredible because I wasn't even aware of how clogged up my body was.  Adam relaxed me and worked with me and through me, asking me the right questions at the right time and helped me to figure out me.  My body was literally shaking trying to hold on to all the mixed up crap that was going on in my brain and body- it was so weird, but not at all freaky or scary or anything.  And then, like magic, I swear, Adam asked me something and my response was like the exit of all the negative crap I was holding onto and my body stopped shaking and I felt free and light.  I couldn't believe it.  I just had no idea what I was keeping inside and I feel so blessed that I had that session with Adam because I was able to see and feel the truth about myself and finally just release and be free to live, really live how I know I want to live."

A Personalized Hypnotic Cd For Insomnia
"I felt so good and confidant with Adam after my first experience that I called and ask him to help me with an insomnia problem.  We talked for about and hour and he got the details of my problem then he made me a personalized CD for relaxation and sleep.  He included alpha and beta wave stimulation sounds and integrated my personal details into the recording. I love my CD.  It's very effective and I've used it time and time again to help me either relax, get to sleep, or go back to sleep.  It's peaceful and relaxing and I find his voice and the music he chooses to be very soothing. "




A Massage Therapist After One Hypnotherapy Session...

"It was my first experience with any kind of Hypnotherapy and i Was amazed at how effective it was"

RN with Phobia

"The first time I saw him was about a year ago and he helped me out tremendously.  My uncle had passed away due to a drunk driver hitting him head on in a collision.  Somehow I was never able to deal with his death and I couldn't let him go.  I saw Adam only one time and that was the best session I had ever experienced.  So now I'm back and this time he's helping me deal with myself and my frustrations within.  What happens is I schedule my appointment and go in to see him.  First we talk I'll explain to him everything that's going on and how I feel about things, then he'll ask questions about the situation or the feelings going on.  After that we begin the hypnotherapy and that is very interesting.  It feels like you are really really relaxed but your not asleep.  Just enough to where you know what's going on but can talk about anything.  He usually will take you to the problem situation or place.  Depending on the situation you start to feel like you are really there....it's crazy!  We talk for about an hour and he finds words that just help and make it better.  I found this to be the only truly helpful source for me to help me out.  I definitely think everyone should try it sometime at least once."

Names are left out to preserve confidentiality.




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