A Brief Biography of Adam von Passow, MSW, Cht
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AdamVon Passow


B.A Psychology &
B.A. French Literature
Univeristy of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Research Assistant
Alcohol Studies Center,
Milwaukee, WI

Seminar Speaker
Treatment and Assesment of Dual Diagnosis

Master of Social Work, MSW,
University of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee, WI

Psychotherapy Intern Training,
Women and Families Psychotherapy Resource Center, Waukesha, WI

Seminar, Treatment and Diagnosis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Level I and II
EMDR Certification

Reiki Master
Attunement and Training

Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
Transpersoanl Hypnotherapy Institute





Helping People With Their Lives
Adam Passow  is a hypnotherapist who was raised in Milwaukee, WI. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a degree in psychology Adam began working with women and children at a shelter for battered women. After about a year he moved on to counseling in the public school system and creating novel community action programs for young adults. After this Adam began mentoring young adults and working as a case manager for severely and chronically mentally ill adults in a community support program. Upon moving to Los Angeles Adam worked with parolees in an inpatient drug treatment facility.

The Journey with New Tools
After 8 years of working with a broad range of individuals and groups in the community he decided it was time to go back to school. While getting his graduate degree Adam learned many methods for treating mental illness, improving relationships, promoting change, and promoting personal growth. His favorite is Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. This modality has been shown to be extremely effective for removing barriers to change, reducing the effects of trauma (disturbing images/memories), and allowing people to perform at their best.

Mind, Body, and Energy
Upon returning to Los Angeles Adam began working as a counselor for people who are dying in hospice care. Hospice treatment focuses on the mind, body, and spirit requires infinite compassion. Adam also began his private practice working with Olympic athletes, actors, and those suffering from mental, physical, and spiritual problems. Adam now incorporates personalized guided visualization cds into his practice as an additional tool to assist people with change and achieve peak performance. Adam continues to get ongoing training in hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and medical hypnosis to continue to broaden the tools necessary to help people move forward.   

What is a MSW?
It is a Masters Degree in Social Work. This means that Adam was trained in effective interventions for individuals, families, communities, organizations, and the world. Social consciousness, from the big picture to the small, is important to Adam. How can you understand an individual without understanding the influences of his or her community, family, society, and culture?  So a MSW is trained to see an individual’s entire ecosystem and how it has shaped their perceptions of ego, relationships, the meaning of life, the self, and the world.  This is an eclectic approach that incorporates psychology, sociology, medicine, philosophy, and culture. This is a more broad and inclusive framework than most professions.



Knowing Ourselves, Our Temple
Your body is a bundle of energy and information. We must learn to recognize and become friends with our own mind and body. If we observe our monkey mind we can begin to discipline it and focus our intention. With self examination we can come to see the truth and our personal path. Knowing your temple is a path and Adam provides many methods and tools that help us walk this path of self knowledge.

Integrating the mind, body and Energy is essential

Getting to the Root of the Problem
Sorry to say but the root of all of our problems is in ourselves. Our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories, and unconsciouss hold all the information we need to heal and be happy. By working with and understanding the whole person, Adam helps get to the root and resolve our issues with clarity

What is Reiki?

Every culture has a name for the universal energy that flows through and IS all things. Qi, Chi, Ki, Prana, life force, etc., are all names for it. Reiki is the practice of channeling energy through your body and hands for the purpose of healing. Ilness, mental distress, stuckness can be transformed by working on this energetic level. Thoughts, feelings, and actions contain a certain energy. With focus and willingness we can transform our being with this energy. Adam teaches people how to manage their personal energy.

What is Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is the therapuetic use of relaxed mind and body states to achieve your desired goals. The client is guided through tagreted areas in this relaxed state and provided with the resources to resolve current problems, past issues, or achieve unrealized personal potential. Hypnotherapy is very effective at reprogramming our subconcious mind. It is a powerful tool for healing the past and creating a vivid future.


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